Etsy May 2013 - 14Jackie Matelski Ceramics creates wheel thrown and hand painted functional ceramics for every day use.  Designs are inspired by nature, fabric, and toilet paper patterns and are continued inside, outside, and through to the bottom of each piece.  Specialty items like tea infuser mugs, tea pots with warmer bases, pour over coffee mug sets, and fermentation crocks highlight her inventory in addition to inventive takes on the standard mug, plate, and bowl.  All products are dishwasher and microwave safe and made to integrate comfortably into your daily routine through careful attention to design and ergonomics.  Pretty and comfortable from your hand to the dish drainer.

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IMG_6800About the Maker

Jackie Matelski is a full time maker in Madison, WI with her skittish cat, KTD, and sweet Siberian Husky, Kayak.  She spends her days creating with with consideration at the heart of the object.

Jackie is focused on design- both for aesthetic pleasure and functionality.  Each piece is created to be beautiful, unique, but most of all practical.  Her pots are intended to brighten up each meal, each cup of coffee, and each day.

“My life as a potter really began on a trip to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine.  I was awarded a scholarship to attend a week long workshop and decided to ship my bike to Portland, ME and ride up the coast to Haystack.  Haystack introduced me to the amazing community of people bound together by clay–a community I think differs from other media. Clay people love to create, love to eat, and love to share with others, and for those reasons I fit in just right.”

From there she finished a BFA from the University of WI-Madison focusing in ceramics and photography, shipped off to the San Juan Islands to work on an organic farm, and returned to Madison to help start and manage Midwest Clay Project until September 2012 when she began her career as a full time maker.  She turned her garage into a studio and works from home.  If she is not making things (from dinner to pots to vegetables grow) she is running around with her  dog, riding her bicycle, or discovering delicious craft beer with her dearest bearded partner.
“I am a maker at heart, in all aspects of life and all media. I just happened to have landed in the ceramic community, and plan on sticking around for a good while.” – Jackie Matelski