A changity chang.

Shoo-bop.  Grease is on.  For the record, I intended to choose Footloose, but that channel is not available at this hotel.

I made the trek to Sioux Falls today.  Good choice.  Sioux Falls is a real city.  Humble, but real.  Definitely put my crankiness from being stuck here another day on the backburner for a while.

Walking out of the hotel, I saw this:

Livin' a dream baby livin' a dream. Not for hire.

That was inspirational.  Reminded me that I don’t actually live in a hotel in South Dakota… I’ve got places to be.  Sioux Falls was nice, actually had vegan food.

Downtown Sioux Falls

Then I walked through falls park.

They'll break up soon.

Then this old guy had an orange shirt and a nice old orange italian bike.

There was a lot of public art.

Foxy Lady


And the finale….

My Boyfriend, David. Business hanging out in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls.

Some architecture.

And that was today.  Followed by Grease and Sixteen Candles.  And now Grease again.

Let’s all hope I get my car back tomorrow so I can get back into adventure mode.  This is ridiculous.  It feels unreal that I’ve been here so long.  So long? It’s only been 3 days but it feels significantly longer.  I can’t imagine what it would feel like to live here.  Disgusting.  Time to move on.  I want to spend my time in the woods and mountains, not in some mediocre hotel.

(At least there’s lots of moose and pine tree decor here, makes it seem a little more rustic.)


One thought on “A changity chang.

  1. haha i watched sixteen candles too…i was too tired to watch grease though. miss you…pictures look beautiful!
    also remember that no matter where you are stuck, you are still fortunate to be healthy and able to travel 🙂

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