Strap yourself to the tree with roots, you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Hello from Orcas Island, Washington.  I arrived on the farm last night.  Erica showed me around the farm and gave me a brief run down of what goes on.  They have recently doubled their vegetable production after getting rid of their cow pasture (with plenty of beef to spare.)  They sell at the farmer’s market on Saturdays and have a farm stand open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They also have goat milk and fresh goat cheese.  Vegan on a farm… can it be done?  And if so, will it?

I had dinner with the other intern, Rita.  She’s from Minnesota and she was an art major, too.  We get along well.

This is my little sleeping hut.

Walked around “town” last night and explored, though most things were closed.  It’s been and still is rainy, but I’m assured that it will clear up.  Then I’ll post some more pictures.  Happy day.


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