If someone would have told me how much work goes into starting your own business, I might have thought twice about it.  Or maybe have done it much sooner.  Or maybe waited a bit longer.  But maybe, just maybe, I waited just the right amount of time to amass the skills I need with room to grow and learn and succeed with a little patience and vigilance- but still the fire (aka, need to pay my bills) to be motivated.  Yes, that last one is definitely it.

Salt Cellars

Salt Cellars

My hope with this silly little thing here is to share small business WOES, life, etc, with you, get your opinions and advice, and share mine.  So let’s chat.

Point of order:  if you’re having trouble figuring out what to listen to in your studio (lab, office, whatever) get our your smart phone, pay the 3 or 4 dollars to download the “This American Life” podcast app, and start listening.  TAL started airing in 1995, which means there is now over 17 YEARS of podcasts to listen to.  I also recommend doing the same with RadioLab.  Let Ira Glass become your best studio friend.  He’s a good man.  And, depending on how often you work, you always come along with an episode that corresponds with the closest holiday, which is sort of nice.  Now, if you need to get shit done, fast, then I recommend Pandora’s “Dance Cardio” station which is full of every remix of every Rhianna song ever… which I think is perhaps the most conducive soundtrack for the rapid production of things.  But that’s just me.

What do you listen to at work, at the gym, in your studio, in the kitchen, etc, to keep you going?