Hello friends.  Its been an easy going week taking time to think and strategize business ideas.  Today’s simple but valuable information is on MARKETING.

I spent a good amount of time laying out what I called my “PR MO” (Public Relations Modus Operandi… cleverly also “promo”).  There is a lot of social media bullsh*t to stay on top of which is CERTAINLY not my forte, but I do understand it’s impeccable value.  When you see the words “social media,” better to read it as “FREE ADVERTISING,” (caps included- you should scream this, for motivation.)  What’s the best way to make sure you hit all your PR targets?  Schedule that sh*t.  Make a daily facebook post while you make your morning toast. (Rhyming can only help you, by the way.)  Make sure you take lots of photos throughout the day and post one or two on twitter. (I just made an account today for my business, against my own personal judgement… this is OK because in my head I can still call it “Twatter.”)   Carefully construct blog posts, unlike me, on a regular basis.  All of these things become tools for your shoppers to develop a relationship with your brand.  Brand brand brand, brand is the word.  From your product, to your business cards, to your packaging, to your Etsy header, to your signage at craft shows, to your care cards, to your website design, twatter, you name it… keep it consistent and suddenly you’ve got yourself a recognizable brand.  I know there are a million fonts out there, and it pains me not to change fonts all the time, but it’s best to keep it simple and consistent because being recognizable in the sea of creators is crucial.

After a long day of swearing at my broke ass computer for various business related things, that’s about as much business talk as I can handle.  Let me punctuate this with the disclaimer that I am noooo expert, and this information is spewing from my fingertips as I learn it, cause maybe you know something I don’t or maybe I’ve learned something you’ll benefit from.  Let’s share.  I like sharing.  But now, let’s talk about Joanna Newsom.

Love her, hate her- typically it’s one or the other.  I happen to love her, and if you haven’t formed an opinion you should start now.  A quality singer song-writer with a unique voice and symphonic instrumentation sure to make you realize how awful headphone sound is when you bump it through some legit speakers.  Can’t get enough.

You know what else I can’t get enough of?  Bone-Thugs.  And Biggie (RIP).  And all the music Pandora perhaps prematurely classifies as “classic rap.”  I am thankful to have gone to both a highschool and middle school that, in WI standards anyways, was “diverse” enough to instill in me a deep respect of rap and an extensive lexicon of rap lyrics pre-2005.  I also had the privilege of taking “Black Music and American Cultural History” at UW, which was hands down the best class that UW had to offer… and I was a fine art major… so that’s saying a lot.

But enough about me!  What’s your PR MO? Branding tips? Favorite “classic rap” song pre-Katrina?

Disclaimer:  this blog will never be appropriate for children. Ever.